Earth Friendly Initiatives

Cage-Free Eggs
We are committed to transitioning to 100 percent cage-free eggs by December 31, 2025. Shari’s, like our guests, is concerned with sustainability, quality, food safety, community involvement and animal welfare. We are working with our egg suppliers to ensure a smooth transition to a cage-free egg supply chain.

Ramped-Up Recycling Program
We recycle trans-fat free cooking oil, and convert it into biodiesel fuel. Shari’s recycles many products, including clamshell recycling.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Lights in all cafes have been converted to energy efficient bulbs. Replaced wasteful neon exterior lights with efficient LED ones.

Smaller Carbon Footprint
Shari’s initiated regular Energy Audits. Our ability to source many ingredients locally also saves energy.

Efficient Equipment Purchases
All equipment, from broilers to HVAC to stoves and ovens, is now purchased with an eye towards saving gas, electricity and waste.