Shari’s Partners With Meals On Wheels

Shari’s Cafe & Pies today announced that its October Fundraiser raised over $25,000 for Meals-on-Wheels Centers around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
The promotion provided a incentive of a Free Slice of Pie to any guest who donated a Dollar or more to their local Meals on Wheels Centers. The promotion raised funds for the Meals-On-Wheels organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest, wherever Shari’s has a location.
“Many of our guests are seniors, so making a donation to Meals-On-Wheels was a natural choice for us,” said Michael Kiriazis, Vice President of Marketing for Sharis. “Our award-winning pies are second-to-none. We knew if we tied a slice of pie to a donation with a strong charitable cause, that our guests would support the promotion.”
“Shari’s is an outstanding partner,: Joan Smith, Executive Director of Loaves & Fishes stated. “The generous $25,000 donation will be used to feed home-bound seniors and sustain some of our key programs.”
This is just one of the many charitable promotions Shari’s organizes throughout the year. Over the past 10 years, Shari’s has donated over $2 million to the NW Charities.
Contact: Michael Kiriazis
Vice President of Marketing