Shari’s, America’s Best Freeway-Exit Diners

Portlanders rarely miss a chance to feel their hearts swell with civic pride, especially when it comes to unfancy food. While our upper tier is only what a city of our size and wealth requires—we have the same small allotment of Noisettes and Genoas found in Denver, Nashville or Cleveland—we’ve mastered the middle of the spectrum. You can get a thoughtfully prepared meal made with fresh ingredients anywhere in town, and our reputation for creative, affordable fare bleeds over even into long lines for doughnuts topped with children’s cereal and “farm to cone” ice cream made with corn syrup.

So it’s odd that we’d miss something to brag about. And yet America’s best regional diner chain goes unheralded in our midst.

Have you been to Shari’s lately? Well, the Beaverton-based restaurant chain celebrates a happy 35th birthday this year. And I wish it many more…

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