Transaction Fee Notice

As you may have experienced, we’re including a 2% transaction fee when using a credit/debit card.

Shari’s supports its employees in earning a living wage.

Shari’s also supports it communities by actively participating in charitable organizations that feed those in need. In 2018 Shari’s worked with the food banks in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nebraska, and California to feed more than 1.2 million people.

We want to continue feeding those in need while providing our employees the security of working for a stable and sustainable business.

The 2% transaction fee directly offsets the cost charged to us by the credit and debit card processing companies and financial institutions. By law, we cannot earn a profit from this fee.

By allowing our guest to choose cash in place of a credit or debit card we are able to avoid increasing menu prices for all our guests and to allow guests in our communities who are on fixed or low incomes to continue to benefit from the lower cost of their meals.

Shari’s is a family dining restaurant. We work every day to provide safe, flavorful meals made with fresh ingredients logically sourced from local businesses and served by friendly employees at the lowest possible price.

We understand your concern about this added fee. If you still oppose this fee, please ask your server to have it removed from your check.