Shari’s Offers Holiday Meals – To Dine In, Or To Bring Home

Beaverton, Oregon December 05,2014

Shari’s Café & Pies announces the return of their Holiday Meal Programs, which allows guests to enjoy a Holiday Meal at any Shari’s location, or to bring home a Holiday Feast, and feed the family.

Shari’s is open on Christmas day, offering a special holiday meal featuring a thick-sliced turkey dinner with all the trimmings, soup or salad AND a slice of Pie for $14.99. Shari’s also offers their full menu all day on each of those days.

Shari’s also is bringing back their Holiday Feast. Shari’s Feast is a complete Holiday Meal that feeds 4-6 people. It features either All White Meat Turkey Breast or a Honey Glazed Ham, all the trimmings and a Whole Pie starting at just $59.95. They guest simply needs to heat, serve and enjoy. Every Feast comes with complete heating instructions to ensure that their meal comes out perfectly.

“Shari’s has a history of being open 24/7/365. We’ve been serving meals in our restaurants to families on these special days for decades”, said Kevin Bechtel, Sr. Vice President. “And now, with the Holiday Feast, they can enjoy our great Shari’s Holiday Meals and Pie either at our restaurants or in the comforts of their own homes. Either way, we do all the work”.